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Chinese In Kenya Harassed, Labelled Corona Virus (VIDEO)

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A section of Chinese in Kenya are having a rough time interacting with some Kenyans who have labelled them Corona Virus.

A video doing rounds on Social media shows a section of Kenyans in Nairobi’s Kibera slums calling the Chinese Coronavirus, the deadly virus that has seen over 3,000 people die and another over 87,000 infected.

The two Chinese in the video are seen desperately trying to defend themselves by saying they are not corona.

“We are not Corona, we are not Corona, ” the male Chinese can be heard saying from the video.

At some point one agitated Kenyan almost slaps the Chinese guy who was recording the whole event using his phone.

The incident paints a picture of how oblivious most Kenyans in the slums are of the virus that is spreading so fast across the world.

A section of Kenyans who spoke to Ghetto Radio called on the government to take stiff measures and ensure that the virus does not get into the country.

Check out the video of what happened to the Chinese nationals in Kibera.




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