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  • Chino Kidd has denied sacrificing his crew member who recently died in an accident.
  • The artiste majors in Amapiano and Singeli rhythms.
  • He’s affiliated to bongo sensation, Marioo under the label, Bad Nation. 

Bongo singer Chino Kidd has denied sacrificing his crew member who recently died in an accident.

Speaking in a recent interview, Chino shared his disappointment while reacting to the allegations that he sold his friend’s soul for riches.

According to Chino, they had come along way with the deceased who was the driver.

He narrated how they did countless of free gigs on their way to stardom.

Still, they were bound by a strong bond despite their myriad of challenges.

Chino maintained that the allegations caught him off-guard and he’s yet to come to terms with how some people can be heartless even when one is grieving.

“Unakuta kama hivi tatizo limetokea ni tatizo ambalo limetuhusu sisi ambayo imetuchanganya imetuumiza tumeteseka alafu unakuta mtu ana comment tu kirahisi tu ‘huyo amemtoa kafara…ni kitu ambacho kilikuwa kigeni kwenye maisha yangu” he uttered partly.

The Gibela singer is known for his electrifying shows with an infusion of choreography from his back-up dancers.

Before Chino and his band mates began singing, the group majored in dancing activities.

The singer has affirmed that his success is inched to his bandmates and their separation would be suicidal.

However, Chino’s success seems to irk other quarters who believe he has relations with the secret society.

Not long ago, the singer was roasted when he visited his village with his family captured in a dilapidated house.

Chino acted up and has so far built several houses with one gifted to the mother of the deceased crew member.

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Marioo Connection

Chino Kidd and Marioo share a long history of friendship way before they became famous.

The artistes work under one stable, Bad Nation with a keen watch by producer, Abbah.

When the unfortunate incident happened, Abbah referred to the lost soul as ‘family’.






December 26, 2023

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