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Chipukeezy finally responds to Vera Sidika, Otile Brown feud


By Annette Amondi

Months after both Vera and her then bae Otile Brown took to social media to blast Chipukeexy over a bad joke on his show, the comedian has finally responded.

Chipukeezy was hosting fellow comedian Karis who poked fun at Vera and Otile on Chiupukeezy’s Ebru TV show.

The skit  did not sit well with Otile and Vera who fired back at him.

“Clout chasing is not bad, mock me and my music but don’t diss my woman for likes, that’s disrespectful this sh*t ain’t even funny. Don’t expect us to be cool after you do sh* like this,” wrote Otile

The comedian had remained silent all the while only to open up recently saying the attack on Otile was not personal.

“I hope this is the last time we will be talking about you on air bro. It’s not personal, ni hali ya maisha, ni kipindi tu tunapanga,”Chipukeezy said