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Chipukeezy reveals he paid Kansime handsomely to appear in his show

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Stand-up comedian Chipukeezy says that he paid Ugandan comedian Anne Kansime more than Ksh. 1 Million in order for her to attend his show in 2018.

Chipukeezy said that his dream was to bring Kansime to Kenya on his show and he did not care how much she could charge him.

He also added that it was the artists first time in Kenya and the two were friends so it was not a problem during negotiations.

“We paid her more than a million. She is very expensive; she is paid like five million or more. Just know between one million and five million and she did that for me. She had never even performed in Kenya, and so it was a favor for a friend and so I will forever be grateful for that.” Said Chipukeezy.

Chipukeezy also advised people that they should not only pay foreign artists well but should still do the same for local artists.

“Some hire us but they don’t pay us that much. They give us alcohol and women and Sh20k or Sh50k. Being a Kenyan comedian is the hardest thing and so then, I didn’t have the money but I hustled here and there,” he added.

Chipukeezy said he paid the amount despite not having enough then since he would also want to be paid the same.


He went ahead and said that he borrowed money from people and even worked hard to raise the amount they agreed upon.

“If I want someone to ever pay me a million bob, I have to pay it to someone who I feel deserves it as well. Kansiime deserves that money or even more. She is an amazing African stand-up comedian. I put together what I got from my friends and hustled from some gigs,” he said.

He comedian hosted comedians from across the East African including Idris Sultan from Tanzania in his event at KICC.


By; Emmaline Owuor


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