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  • Chris Brown has reacted to trolls over his recent video hanging out with Kanye West in Dubai.
  • Fans had termed Chris Brown an antisemitic for singing to Ye’s new song ‘Vultures’ while out partying.
  • The RnB star is currently promoting his newest album 11:11.

Chris Brown has finally reacted to trolls on being antisemitic over his recent video hanging out with Kanye West in Dubai.

A video of of Chris Brown and Kanye, his wife and a group of friends listening to Ye’s new single, Vultures has gone viral.

Kanye West who has been on a month-long work vacation in Saudi Arabia disclosed preparing new music in his makeshift studio in the desert.

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Afterwards, Kanye West showed up in Dubai where he teamed up with Breezy.

From the look of things, Jewish fans aren’t happy with the lyrics of the song with Kanye’s revelation that he is not antisemitic because he slept with a Jewish woman.

The song is a collaborative effort with Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Durk and Bump J.

Despite the growing criticism, Kanye seems unbothered.

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Breezy was trolled after he seemed to enjoy the lyrics as he sang a few lines along with Kanye West.

However, Chris Brown has denied being antisemitic.

According to Chris Brown, he’s pro humanity spreading love to humankind through music.

“In no way shape or form am I antisemitic! I’m pro life and I make music for the entire world” he wrote.

He continued that it would be wrong to describe him as antisemitic while he had millions of children looking upon him as a roll model.

“So please do not get tricked into thinking I spread hate or am cool with it! This is for the millions of young kids that look up to and maybe confused” he continued.

Breezy performing in a past show PHOTO Courtesy


Not A Pawn

Breezy further stated that he won’t be used as a pawn in settling an unknown agenda while affirming his peacefulness.

“Let me make this perfectly clear before yall try to use me as a pawn… I’m a Piru, I ain’t Muslim or Jewish so don’t start no sh*t. I’m trying to be peaceful but please do not wake up the demon in me! Go on about your f***ing day” he summed up.

Chris Brown is currently promoting his newest album dubbed 11:11 which has since been received well by fans across the globe.

November 27, 2023

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