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Chris Msando’s widow’s strong message to her husband’s killers

Chris Msando's widow's strong message to her husband's killers

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A somber mood engulfed the Consolata shrine this morning where the requiem mass for the late IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando was being held.

A visibly strong Msando’s widow Eve Msando euligised her husband by sharing the loving moments he spent with his family further affirming his love for his job.

Eve however strongly called for justice to be served towards Msando killers promising that his death will not go in vain.

“We sing the national anthem and we say justice be our shield and defender, it is wrong, it is not fair, look at the babies, my oldest is 10 and if i include Jacob, my oldest is 17 and our youngest baby with Christopher is two years old. Are you happy? because i know you are watching. May you not have peace and vengeance is of the Lord. Na Mungu atatupigania. Chris’s death will not go in vain. Tumekataa ” said Eve.



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