• Christian Atsu found alive! his wild screams save him from the rubble trap.
  • So far 24,000 reported dead in the last 128 hours
  • Hatayspor (his turkey team) team sports director Taner Savut is yet to be found.

Christian Atsu screams saved him under the rubble of the collapsed building in the turkey deadly earthquake that has so far seen 24,000 dead in the last 129 hours. UN predict 5.3 million in Syria will be left homeless after the earthquake.

His loud wild screams drew the attention of emergency services. The first quake registered magnitude 7.8 followed by another of 7.5 of miles away.

Christian Atsu Survival news

Before that there has been conflicting reports by the media of his whereabouts. As at now it can be confirmed that the Ghanaian soccer player is alive. The confirmation by Daily Mail can be supported by Mustafa Özak, the sporting vice-president of Hataysport, Astu’s club in Turkey who announced that Christian Atsu was rescued with some injuries. The director of sport in Hataysport, Taner Savut, is still stuck under the rubble with hopes that like Astu, he is still alive. They were together after a successful match and the hope of finding him alive are dependable as his screams can be heard not far from where Atsu was trapped. Survival is a life battle for mankind as temperatures fall to freezing levels during the night.

February 12, 2023

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