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Christina Shusho denies coercing Kenyan producer into a relationship

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Tanzanian gospel songstress Christina Shusho has finally responded to claims that she prefers younger men according her Kenyan Video producer.

According to story doing rounds on social media, the gospel singer is accused of coercing a Kenyan producer known as Nelson Tiger into a forced relationship.

Shusho took to social Instagram on Thursday December 15th saying that the while many people she has met in life have taught her valuable lessons, Tiger was simply testing her patience.

Tiger had said that Shusho was making advances at him and even went ahead to claim that the singer had used witchcraft to try and turn his life upside down.

“CHRISTINA SHUSHO EXCLUSIVE!!! I Do Remember Like Yesterday, You Called Me At Night Very Late At Around 12.00pm By Then I Used To Hung Out With Friends Till Late In Nairobi And I Saw You Name On True Caller And I Rushed From The Joint I Was At In Town To Talk To You To Me It Was A Dream Come True To Here Or Finally Get This Connection Let Me Say The Truth To A shame The Devil I Had Asked For This Number From Your Closest Friends I Knew But They Din’t Give It To Me, So We Talked And Agreed To Meet The Following Week, When You Came Down To Nairobi, We Talked Agreed And I Personally Purposed To Shoot Great Hits For You And That’s When We Went To Kilifi Mombasa Where I Shot Your Song “Ningare” Which Took You To A Level You Never Were Before And You Did Admit That You Made Millions Of Money Through This Album, The Budget Was 700,000 For The Whole Project But I Did Spend The Fast Half On Only 3 Songs Not Because I Don’t Need Money But I Looked At A Big Picture And Wanted To See You Grow In Your Ministry, After The Ningare Hit Battles From Your Friends Started, Remember I Was Working With Gloria Muliro, Janet Otieno, Emmy Kosgei, Mercy D Lai Amoung Other Then Came Your Friend Mireille From Belgium It Wasn’t Easy Dealing You All You Ladies Coz Everyone Wanted The Best Of Which I Strived To Do The Best, Things Where Going Well Work Wise Had Been Single For Almost Four Years Pursuing My Career And Dreams And So Mind Last Year I Decided To Date And That’s When Issues Started, I Had Over Heard That You Like Young Men, Although I Respect All My Clients And Work And Never Have I Ever Asked Sex From Them Or Tempted To Be With Them, I Always Put Work As Work And Dating A Side, So You @christinashusho started asking “Now Which Woman Are You Posting Posting Now Eh” This Was Shocking Since You Where Just A Client Now God Not My Mother Or Father I Wondered How Could U Even Dare Get To That Point So “You Went Ahead To Go To Witch Doctors To Ruin My Life My Relationship And I Do Remember I Carried My Ex Gal Friend To Dar For Work That’s When Things Started Falling Apart, U Never Liked The Ideology Of Her Being Around Me Because All You Were After Is Using Me!!! PART 2B LOADING!” He wrote

Days later Shusho simply wrote  a message on instagram that is not clear whether it was meant for Tiger or someone else.

“In life, you’ll realize that there is a purpose for everybody you meet, some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you. Good morning” she wrote.


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