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Christmas Movie Depicting Jesus As Homosexual, Virgin Mary As Prostitute


More than a million people are protesting against Netflix for broadcasting a new film which presents Jesus as a homosexual, the Virgin Mary as a prostitute and the apostles as alcoholics.

The Brazilian film was presented last December 3rd as a Christmas special and is called ‘A Primeira Tentaçao de Cristo’ (Christ’s First Temptation).

Led by lobby group Citizen Go, the one million citizens are now asking the audiovisual content company to immediately withdraw the film.

“We are in the middle of Christmas, a time of encounter, of reconciliation, in which we commemorate the birth of Jesus and it is just now whenNetflix decides to release this film that humiliates Christians on its platform,” denounces CitizenGO spokesman Ignacio Arsuaga.

“It is a direct affront to the faith of all Christians. We cannot let them trample on our deepest beliefs in this way, much less at this time of year, which is so intense for all believers. If we do nothing, the indiscriminate attacks will continue, and probably grow,” he adds.

CitizenGO’s campaign is directed at Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings and in just one week has garnered the support of over one million citizens.

“These types of productions have always been blasphemous and use ‘freedom of speech’ as a tactic to attack, criticize and desensitize the public about blasphemy and the mockery of faith. What Netflix didn’t expect was this huge mobilization of citizens. However, he must respond or he will be anaccomplice to a film that mocks Christians,” concludes Arsuaga.