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Chronicles of desperate single women

Chronicles of desperate single women

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A recent Facebook post got me thinking about the Love/Money relationship

A  Lady genuinely posted about her affair with a cobbler (fundi wa viatu) and personally she works with a Law Firm.

The comments that followed were so harsh with majority claiming that she had made the worst mistake of her life and she needs to rethink about it.

Personally I think it’s about happiness rather than His financial status.

You see a broke nigga will always be home since he can barely afford the ‘’Two for the road’’ drinks every evening.

Normally you will get him home with his boxer shorts, remote and a glass of juice when you get home from work, which is what all women want. (A man who is never busy for her) and once in a while He will help out with the dishes.

But this cliché that no romance without finance  has sunk in our brains and increased the number of single and desperate women who want a man richer than their Dads.

It’s time women styled up and hustled their way out, and if He makes you happy  ,Woman do not think twice about it go ,ahead and build a relationship which sooner or later will grow into a family.

So don’t allow this single and desperate women counsel you on matters love since they are just lonely waiting for a man who has it all and will rebuke every relationship you get into. If it makes you happy Ride with it.


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