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Church Leaders Castigate Ruto For ‘Attacking’ Uhuru


A group of church leaders has condemned Deputy President William Ruto for allegedly attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta while he was in Thika.

The clergy warned that Ruto’s harsh words to President Uhuru in his Kiambu backyard are likely to cause violence.

Led by Joseph Njoroge the leaders instead asked Ruto to ask for votes without tarnishing the name of the president.

“Uhuru has strived to bring peace in Kenya. Even the whole world is appreciating what Uhuru has done,” said Njoroge.

Njoroge warned that many people stand to lose many things if the country sinks back to violence.

Revende Ngugi Katonga of African Christian Church stated that Ruto’s remarks contradict the word of God that he keeps quoting.

Katonga stated that as leaders of the church they will not keep quiet when politicians are doing wrong.

“In 2007 the church was castigated for failing to speak when the leaders were fanning animosity. So this year we will not keep quiet,” said Katonga.

Ruto on Sunday for the first time expressed how hurt he was after his boss and President Uhuru Kenyatta betrayed him.

“You’ve really made it difficult for us over the last four and half years…you chased us from parliamentary committees, you destroyed our party Jubilee, you’ve called us ‘tangatanga’, you’ve also called us thieves and ‘takataka’ but my brother, Mr President, I’d like to tell you that, the ones you’ve bullied and oppressed, we are the ones who walked with you… and voted for you three times… But because we fear God, we forgive you and we leave you to God,” said Ruto.