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Churchill lectures comedians during Othuol Othuol’s burial in Siaya


Comedian Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill lectured comedians on some life skills during the burial of fallen comedian Othuol Othuol.

Churchill who was paying a tribute to the fallen comedian, gathered all the comedians around him and asked them to stop airing all their daily affairs on social media.

“Stop calling your fans your family, don’t wake up every morning telling them what you’re eating, what you’re dressing in stop it. You have life, your family is your mother, your wife, your children. Stop frustrating them. Those are fans the moment you stop being funny they stop supporting you. Leave the bloggers, they earn money from your stories. Grow yourself, grow your brand, money will follow you.” he said

Churchill also asked the comedians to maintain discipline enough to keep growing their brand and make money from it.

The president of laugh industry further asked the comedians to focus on their career growth adding that it will eventually pay off.

“And when you become a brand, be disciplined enough to grow it. I mean I still wake up every morning at 4:00 am to go work, I should have quit. It’s not easy guys. I don’t want to come to another function like this. I want to see millionaires in you.And you’re going to become millionaires because what you have, many people don’t have it. The world is looking for content, that’s why Netflix is so big. You’ll be signed by Netflix, you’ll be signed by other big brands. Guys, just hold on there, focus on your career, focus on yourself and make your family happy. God bless you.” he added

Churchill also lauded the likes of Jalang’o, Mc Jessy and Flaqo for taking over the online community by creating content online.

“I like what Jalang’o is doing, I like what Terrence is doing, I like what other guys like Flaqo is doing. And may God bless you so that you give other talents a chance, just like you’ve been given a chance.” he concluded

Video courtesy: ATV Kenya (Youtube)