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Churchill Roasted For meddling in Prof Hamo and Jemutai relationship

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The brains behind the popular Kenyan stand up TV show ‘Churchill Show’ Daniel Ndambuki has had his fare share of trouble after delving in to solve his proteges, Hamo and Jemutai relationship woes.

Jemutai had accused the comical Hot 96 Presenter for neglecting the children he sired with her.

However, in a twist turn of events, Hamo came out and rubbished the allegations maintaining that he has always taken responsibility by sending money for upkeep through his wife.

Jemutai then hit back once again terming the statement as baseless prompting Churchill’s intervention.

“We had had a long cordial talk with Hamo & Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable solution.. In the end the kids have to win. Have a blessed Sunday,” tweeted Churchill.

A section of netizens would hear none of it and pointed an accusing finger at Chrchill for failing to guide his team.

“Inaonekana wewe Churchill you don’t pay your comedians well…pay them well and we will not hear this cry..” stated @VincentMbithi.

“You didn’t have to take credit, pia wewe ungenyamazia after helping them not declaring to the public,” Mandela Onchwati.

“Mwalimu the damage is already done, am not taking sides here but both are to blame that was not cool washing their dirty linen in public, how will they face their fans and the audience in general ?? careers tarnished just like that ????” said @IamcharloJoh.

However, despite all the barbs that was being thrown in Churchill’s way, a section of netizens praised him for coming forth in ending the drama.

” Hapo sawa kapsaa uncle. Thanks for coming over for this,” tweeted Crystal Emburg@lokwe-samuel.


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