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Churchill Show Comedian exposed for stealing jokes online

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Churchill show comedian Wambilianga has been exposed by fellow comedian for stealing jokes from upcoming comedians.

According to comedian Mulamwa, the Churchill show comedia has been staging his jokes on TV without giving any credits.

Mulamwa took to social media to publicly ask the comedian for credit when using his content.

“Honestly this has to stop. We post our jokes and videos online because we haven’t found a chance to be on TV yet but that doesn’t mean that we don’t own them. It hurts sitting on a TV at home watching your jokes being performed. If they have to be used, then credits have to be given to the initial creative,” he wrote

Mulamwa also revealed that he has been auditioning for the Churchill show for the past four years but has never been lucky.

”I have auditioned severally (four years) but all in vain. I then tried making videos from the jokes and I am glad that the social media platform welcomed me and have been supportive ever since . Given a chance and mentored, we can be great too on stages, But in the meantime, stop the jokes heist,” he added

Wambilianga has not addressed the allegations but fans now want him to apologize for stealing content from the upcoming comedian.


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