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Churchill show comedian pleads with ex-wife to allow him to see their kids

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Churchill show comedian JB Masanduku is now pleading with his ex-wife Tina Kagia to give him a chance at co-parenting.

During a recent interview, the comedian requested for a meeting with his estranged wife to iron out their issues.

“Tina, first and foremost I hope you are well and doing fine. I beseech you that we have a sit-down and we talk about how I would probably see the kids. It will not interfere with someone you or I am seeing but I think it is integral for them to know their father and hear part of my story.” he said

The one time celebrity couple has been in the media pointing fingers at each other since they parted ways almost three years back.

The radio queen had accused Masanduku of abandoning their kids, saying that he last saw them at the beginning of 2017.

“He doesn’t know where we live. He doesn’t know about my son’s school. Anyone who has doubts should ask him to produce any receipt of any contribution he has made to the children’s upkeep.” she said

On his part the comedian had accused his ex-wife of trash talking him when she met his soon to be wife Jackie Karanja.

“Tina met my fiancée, Jackie Karanja and they talked. What i remember her telling Jackie is that we won’t last and she laughed about it,” JB said

JB is set to wed his fiancé Jackie Karanja towards the end of 2019.



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