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  • “Churchill show” was hell on earth, Butita.
  • There was wanton gatekeeping with only select stars being churned out.
  • Both Butita and Churchill remain good friends to date.

Former ‘Churchill Show’ comedian Eddie Butita has termed the platform that brought him to the limelight a living hell affirming the widespread gatekeeping. Butita further called out the same gatekeepers for seeking favors today following tables turning on them.

“They really messed up the industry in one way or the other lakini kitu nasemanga mnge enable the industry watu wangekuwa far sana, wangewa accommodate saa hii vile mnaumia because most of them wanaumia” asserted Butita partly.

However, Butita exonerated Churchill himself and laid blame on his team of creative directors.

According to Butita, it was an offense to exceptionally excel with the said ‘gatekeepers’ denying a chance to appear on television.

Butita went ahead narrating how his talent was threatening the said ‘gatekeepers’ that for close to a year he appeared on the little watched segment, Churchill Raw.

Only a select few made it to the widely watched “Churchill Show”.

To make a cut for the prime time show, one had to have lit many faces with his humor.

However, despite Butita putting out a good run, he still bit dust.

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For those who were in good books with them they were instantly catapulted to stardom.

Still, many ended up disappearing into oblivion since they were half-baked.

Comedian and Content Creator, YY PHOTO Courtesy


Envious Team

Wise men said that, Clap for others so that they’ll also clap back when it’s your turn to smile.

At Churchill’s, Laugh Industry this was not the case. The said gatekeepers were envious of the creatives at their disposal.

When things started looking up for Butita and he acquired a small car, he was met with the harshest words which remain etched on his mind.

“Ndai ata bado iko na deni unajituma tu unaona jamaa flani akasema ‘sa mmenunua magari mnakuja vile mnataka” he continued.

That day would mark Butita’s exit, another comedian who suffered almost the same treatment was comedian YY.

YY’s only offense was to come to the show with a woman in tow. Adding salt to injury was him donning new outfits huh!

He ended up missing out on T.v  for a couple of months.

Butita also clarified on the allegations that Churchill bought the comedians cars.

What happened is that they were placed in groups of threes and fours with two hundred thousand given to each team.

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The money was to finance gigs by the budding stars in towns of their choice. He further acknowledged his group getting the said amount.

The money was to be later repaired back and they did pay it back after their Dubai trip. However, with the remaining groups, he quite can’t say what happened.



February 29, 2024

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