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Churchill show’s David the student responds to conning allegations


By Annette Amondi


Kenyan comedian David Kagongo popularly known as David the student has been in the headlines lately for all the wrong reasons.

The comedian was recently accused by Kenyans in the Diaspora who claimed he had conned them of huge amount of money.

Following the revelations, the comedian had remained mum until yesterday when he spoke about the matter for the first time.

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David took to social media to apologize regarding the matter saying he takes full responsibility.

“I apologize to everyone I borrowed and those who lent me money and I’ve not refunded. I take full responsibility and I am ashamed. There’s so much pressure being on TV to live a certain life but in real sense it’s crazy. Comedy in Kenya doesn’t pay,” read part of his post

The comedian also refuted the claims that he lied about his dad having cancer so as to receive cash from well wishers.

“I have spent time reading all this and some of it is true, but I have NEVER told anyone my dad has cancer.” He added