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‘CID don’t own Cello Tape’ Joe Muchiri pokes fun at Edgar Obare


Joe Muchiri has come out to poke holes in Edgar Obare’s story that he was kidnapped by police on Monday.

In a post shared on Instagram, Muchiri poked holes at the photos Edgar Shared on his Instagram early Tuesday morning.

According to the vocal Muchiri, there is no way Obare was kidnapped, blindfolded with cello tape and then had the photos taken.

“Please hide my identity” ??? stage manager of the year 2020…CID don’t own cello tape ?? & cant kidnap U, sijui put U in a safe house, then scratch ur back sexually then take pictures then send U on WhatsApp ?? attention seeking level Covid-20 ?yes we want change but not through clout chasing nonsense.” Joe Muchiri wrote

On Tuesday Obare narrated his alleged kidnapping ordeal after men pretending to be officers picked him up outside Kiambu law courts.

The blogger narrated how the men kept asking him questions about his sources and if he had been paid to tarnish reputations.

“I had a court a case on November 2nd .It was meant to be virtual but it was changed last minute. I arrived at 10:00 am and saw my lawyer outside eating smokies as I was going to say hi to him, three plainly dressed men approached me and asked for my name. The quickly whisked me by my pant to a waiting car. I demanded to know who they were and where they were taking me and refusing to answer they only said to a nearby police station. In the car, they put handcuffs on me and they were getting tight, I asked the guy on my left to loosen them and he refused. He asked that I unlock my phone and that I should co-operate but I refused.” He said

Obare further added that the kidnappers put a hood on his face but he was able to see a bit. He added that at one point the kidnappers stopped at some school and changed cars.

He narrated how he was driven for a while before the guys gave him some water which had been asking for but it tasted funny.

He was then stripped naked and the guys took photos of his manhood before throwing him in a thorny thicket.

Obare said he struggled to cut the rope from his hand and find a way to the nearby road where a good Samaritan took him to his house, gave him clothes and some food before helping him find his way back to Nairobi.