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Ciku Muiruri defends Dj Mo’s alleged Side Chick after KOT trolled her


Media personality Ciku Muiruri has come to the defense of Dj Mo’s alleged side chick Margaret Wanyama.

In a post shared online, Ms Muiruri said men cheat for a myriad of reasons and it does not always boil down to looks.

“Your hubby cheats for a myriad of reasons and sometimes they have nothing to do with you. Home life is great; I think I’ll cheat. Interchangeable with home life is bad; I think I’ll cheat. It’s Tuesday, I think I’ll cheat. I’m wearing blue today; I think I’ll cheat. It’s 7pm; I think I’ll cheat. I had a burger for lunch; I think I’ll cheat. Guys are wired differently. They do things sometimes just because they can. And if they believe they can get away with it! Don’t look for a life-changing, jaw-dropping reason,” she wrote

She further rubbished KOT who trolled Wanyama for being a ‘down grade’ compared to Size 8.

She said it is never about looks but about how a lady makes a man feel in the moment.

“I have never placed that much importance in looks. It’s about how you make him FEEL. Social media went into a frenzy when they saw the lady that Gospel DJ Sammy Muraya aka DJ MO is allegedly cheating on Size 8 with and they harped on and on about her looks. Many are of the opinion that if a man cheats it should be with someone better looking. You think so? When did cheating snobbery take root in our psyche? I have never placed that much importance in looks. Yeah, it helps to be noticed but more important than that – It’s about how you make him FEEL. Never think beauty is enough,” she added

She narrated how back in the day a neighbor used to sneak in her house to have an affair with her house help while the man’s wife was okay thinking he was cheating with Ciku.

“I used to do a late-night show when I first started on radio. While I was at work, my neighbour used to sneak into my house to have relations with my house help. His wife knew and never caused about it because she thought he was sneaking into my house to sleep with me. (??)

Anyhow, she shared this with a friend, who asked her how he can be with me, when I’m on air until 1am. That’s when the lady stormed to my house and found him with my house help. The next day she came to tell me the story – How my house had been turned in a love nest. Ewwww. One line she said has always stuck with me: It was ok when I thought he was with you but how can he go beneath me???” she added