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Former Citizen TV News Anchor Johnson Mwakazi Fired

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mwakazi-brokeSalimianga watu pesa huisha. The latest victim to get hit by our dwindling economy is the renowned News anchor with a powerful voice Johnstone Mwakazi after the Media House he has been working for for the last three years was declared bankrupt.

The Former Citizen news anchor dumped the station back in 2014 in search of greener pastures despite the fact that he was doing very well at that time. Mwakazi moved to Wholesome TV where he was the CEO of the business information TV station

The fairly new TV station which was commonly known as WTV is said to have been rocked by difficult financial problems to a point their staff were going for months without pay with others abandoning the ship. Zawadi Mudibo is one of those who resigned earlier foreseeing a broke future.

The employees of the three year old sation were informed that broadcasting had been suspended until further notice and production of programmes consequently halted after being declared bankrupt.

Mwakazi is among 50 other journalists who lost their jobs with rumour mills saying that the broke Mwakazi is now only surviving by doing voice overs for coporates

Mukami Kanyi


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