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Citizen TV cancels popular show Machachari after 13 years on air


Citizen TV has closed the curtains on its popular TV show Machachari after the station aired it for 13 years.

According to station’s production manager, the show’s cast have outgrown their character and currently lacked good viewership.

The Production Manager, Stanley Ngige said the show will air it’s last episode on Friday after fans mounted pressure over the age of the cast.

He also revealed that the station will replace Machachari with a new show dubbed ‘Johari’ which will have the same target audience as Machachari.

“The story came to an end. This Friday is the grand finale. It didn’t evolve to remain relevant to the target audience, and the best we could do is develop the story to come to an end so that we can start a new show  (‘Johari’) for the same target audience,” Ngige said

Nginge added that the cast of Machachari have grown up and are focusing on other projects which will also  broadcast under the media house’s ‘Viusasa’

“Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, has grown up to be a producer of his own content. Some of the girls who featured on the show have already recorded music albums, which shall be given airplay on Viusasa. Seeing them grow up and become professionals and attract advertisements for TV was amazing.” he said

The station has made several changes, and most of the shows, the likes of ‘Inspekta Mwala’ and ‘Papa Shirandula’ that used to air from 7.30pm every day will now air from 6.30pm.