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Citizen TV’s new show Zora fails to meet fans’ expectations


Despite featuring tope stars in Kenya’s acting scene, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s new show Zora seems to have not met the fans’ expectations.

The show that debuted yesterday on Citizen TV after the highly acclaimed Maria that won the hearts of many Kenyans received both love and hate from Kenyans.

The storyline has a spoilt naughty boy who goes around wreaking havoc on people’s lives in the estate.

First he unhangs a starnger’s clothes from a laundry line, before pouring out bathing water being used by a man in a makeshift bathroom outside.

The first episode also featured one rich couple celebrating a new baby and another one grappling with poverty and a cheating husband.

Sarah Hassan’s acting skills are as always top notch same with Jackie Matubia.

What however brought a lot of concern on Kenyans was the not so definite storyline that already had very many characters.

While some Kenyans have praised the cliff hanger that features infidelity as a step to better episodes, some have criticized its contents saying it should have not been played since the show airs during watershed period.

Some Kenyans have also called for patience as the storyline developes.

Here are some of the reactions;

“Can’t the Kenya Film and Classification Board censure some of the content we are made to watch very early in the evening in the presence of our parents and children,” Chebii Kiprono stated.

“It’s not captivating…the facial expressions and actions having some element of acting,” Abubakar KE.

“The script intro is somehow boring plus editing also have some problems here and there. Hoping as the storyline advances it will be more catchy. But hey, “you are going to be a dad” hushtusha watu hivyo? I wonder what happens after realizing that they are already fathers after delivery,” Njeri Irungu wrote.

“The script might appear boring at the beginning but it might get better. Let’s support our own local talent,” wrote Dan Orao.