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City hall in Trouble Over Shillings 1.23 Billion Over-expenditure


City Hall can  not explain where they sourced for   shillings 1.32 billion  in the first quarter  of the financial  year  2018/2019 .

A report from the controller of budget revealed  the amount as an over-expenditure.

Appearing before the budget committee Finance  minister Allan Esabwa  Igambi could not tell  how the county ended up spending the amount against the work plan submitted during requisition of funds.

‘‘Mr. chairman we only insist that it was commitments but not the actual amount that we spent but please we are  not prepared to address  this matter, give us sometime to consult and give an appropriate answer later.’’ Igambi told the budget committee .

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Another discrepancy that was  in full glare is the ward development fund which in the report used  Sh. 28.09 million for development yet the funds for that  kitty is still not operational.

According to budget committee chairman Robert Mbatia there could be a possibility that the county government of Nairobi  is not sweeping all the money to central bank  as they claim arguing that they are spending at source.

‘‘How do we explain over  expenditure of  close to 1.5 billion when we don’t spend at source contrary  to the law ,where do we get this money from?’’ Mbatia  asked.

The sectors captured are environment department, Urban planning and Lands, Finance and economic planning,public works, transport and infrastructure.

Yesterday, the committee also heard that governor Sonkos’ administration has  flawed its contract with Jambo pay and  parking department  is now  receiving  seasonal parking fees direct to the banks without cash passing through Jambo  pay system.