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A city lawyer Mcdonald Mutiso Mutinda who was convicted for an offence of stealing ksh 16 million from Katitika Company is still a free person.

Trial magistrate Martha Nazushi convicted the lawyer in absentia and subsequently issued a warrant of arrest against him.

The convict however presented himself to court today and warrant of arrest was lifted.

The court ordered that all the probation reports be prepared before mitigation and sentencing

His lawyers to present him to court for mitigation sentencing on 22nd February 2023.

The court however declined to reinstate his cash bail and said it would give direction when the matter comes up for mention.

The lawyer is said to have committed the offence between 2013 and 2014.

How The layer Got Ksh 16 Million

The agreement  was that  buyer, Tawfique Distributors was to make  10 percent  of the price and the remaining Ksh. 17Million to Katitika Trading company  a real estate  company  and the remaining be concluded  in 90 days through  their advocate,

However the company learned that their advocate had been paid by 2013 and they began endless trip to Mr. Mutinda’s office to get the money

On  11/11 /2013 the convict  wrote  a letter  to the buyers advocate  demanding  payment  of the balance, in response the buyer  advocate  response by giving the details  of bank  account  that received  the money.

According  to bank manager  paraded  as witness, lawyers have apologised  to the and agreed  to pay the the remaining  amount  of which the court  learned that he only  paid  Ksh. 1 million, with Ksh 16 million  yet to be paid  as was instructed by  the buyer’s advocate.

The court was told that since the court made a ruling the advocate has not been traceable and most of the time his number switched off.

By Rodgers Oduor


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