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City Pastor says Size 8 and Dj Mo are living a fake lifestyle

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City Pastor Godfrey Migwi now says Dj Mo and his wife Size 8 are living a fake lifestyle.

The pastor was commenting on recent allegations that the two have separated and are living in different premises.

According to pastor Migwi, if at all they are having issues in their marriage, then they should talk it out.

The pastor also mentioned celebrity couple the Wajesus family as those living a fake lifestyle.

He argues that men who keep on posting and mentioning their wives online have something to hide.

He says these couples are really struggling to prove that they have made while behind the scenes they are having issues.

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire. There could be a problem in their marriage and the best thing is to sit down and talk to each other if they are serious with that marriage. Marriage isn’t a walk in the park. Social media will break your marriages. its only good for branding yourselves. When you expose your relationships online they won’t last long. Wajesus family and Murayas are living a lie, fake lifestyles, they want to prove to the society that they have money, over one another but that isn’t true. kwanza wale wanaume wanapenda kupost their wives kutisha watu, ni mkora. Mwanaume ambaye anashindia kutaja bibi yake kuliko biashara ni mkora,” pastor Migwi said


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