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Civil Organizations Condemn Anti Marie Stopes Billboards In Nairobi

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A group of civil society organizations have come out to condemn the message portrayed regarding abortion by some billboards posted in Nairobi.

According to the organizations, the message goes against the law arguing that abortion is legal when it is done to save the life of the mother suffering pregnancy related complications.

“We are specifically concerned about irresponsible billboards with misleading information on abortion that recently were posted in Nairobi. The messages on the billboards will fuel the stigma that surrounds abortion. Every day seven women and girls die from unsafe abortion in Kenya, yet these deaths are entirely preventable.  The messaging in these billboards coupled with the misguided actions taken to ban the provision of abortion services by the Marie Stopes Kenya make it necessary for us to intervene.

Abortion is a reproductive health service that women and girls may require at some point in their lives. Consequently, Kenyan women deserve the right to information and the right to access those services.  It is disheartening to see some sectors of the Kenya society mislead the country on the vital understanding of abortion care as a necessary and critical part of the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare.” Read part of the statement

The organizations now wants the bilboards removed terming them as misleading.

“We are therefore calling upon the government to ensure that there is an environment that allows women to access abortion services by;

  1. Enacting and implementing laws and guidelines that will provide clarity to health providers and women and girls on when to offer abortion services.
  2. Proactively disseminating accurate information on abortion and access to abortion services to the public.
  • Taking leadership to address abortion stigma by engaging communities, including through faith-based organizations.” read the statement

The organizations include Center for reproductive rights, Ipas, Xhale, Women’s Link worldwide among others.

Dr. John Nyamu has for the longest time called on the government to legalize abortion arguing that it can help save alot of lives.



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