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CJ Maraga shifts blame to President Kenyatta over delay in appointing new Judges

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Chief Justice David Maraga has  blamed on President Uhuru Kenyatta for the delay in appointing of 41 new judges proposed by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and continuous disobedience of court decrees on the part of government.

Speaking in a media briefing on Monday, Maraga expressed disappointment arguing that he has unsuccessfully attempted to bring the issue of the appointment of new judges to the attention of the head of state.

He said the President had disregarded two court orders and was in violation of the Constitution by refusing to appoint the 41 judges recommended by JSC.

“It is important to clearly and categorically state that this shortage of judges and the near paralysis of court operations has been caused by the President. The President has persisted in his refusal despite orders in two cases requiring him to swear in those judges within 14 days,” said the Chief Justice.

Maraga further told Kenyans to expect a backlog of cases and congested court diaries when courts re-open owing to the few number of judges currently serving in various courts.

He called on the President to appoint the 41 judges who were already recommended by the JSC as well as ordered by the court in the two cases.

“As your Excellency has pledged in the past, you respect the rule of law. I urge you to now demonstrate that faith by complying with those two court orders. In doing so, you will alleviate much suffering for Kenyans who are seeking justice in our courts,” said Chief Justice Maraga.


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