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Clerks Coercing Voters To Vote For Particular Candidates In ODM Nominations


An aspirant in the ongoing ODM nominations in Kisumu County has accused polling clerks of going against the electoral laws and coercing candidates to vote for particular aspirants.

Beatrice Atieno Ochieng who is vying for the woman Representative position says that she has received reports from some voters who claim that the clerks coerced them to vote for particular candidates.

Ochieng says that the acts of the clerks are unlawful and will affect the integrity of the whole process.

“I have witnessed challenges and I have gone to places where people are telling me that they have told me who to pick, they have told me who to pick so if they are saying that, it means that some people are liaising with the clerks,” said Ochieng.


Meanwhile Ochieng claims that her name was missing in some of the polling gadgets being used by ODM Party to conduct the nominations.

“My name and my photo was missing in the gadgets at the Sinyolo Primary polling station, so we called the NEB to rectify that and they have assured me that it will be sorted,” said Ochieng.

ODM has been conducting its nominations electronically. There have been several reports of the gadgets failing to work in some polling stations causing jams in queues.

The Kisumu County nominations have experienced a large voter turnout with no major incidents reported.