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Client Leaves Sex Worker Stranded With Alcohol Bill Of Ksh. 6,000


A sex worker was last night left stranded with an alcohol bill of over Ksh. 6,000 at a bar in Nairobi’s Umoja area.

Dorine Atieno says that the man she was drinking with not only left her with the bill but also stole her phone and that of her friend.

She says that the man known as Eric made his way out of the bar by pretending that he was going to pick a phone call.

“I met this man here in this bar while I was at work, he offered to buy me and my friend drinks before I give him my services. So we sat down and started drinking only for him to pretend that he is picking a call and never to come back,” narrates Atieno.

Atieno who has been on the job for only two months says that the man had further lied to her that she owns the bar.


“He asked me to pretend that I am his sister because the bar is his and he did not want people who frequent the place to know that he had picked a sex worker only for him to disappear without a trace,” she says.

The devastated Atieno even offered to do menial jobs at the club to cover up the alcohol they were drinking to no success.

“I am ready to do any job in this pub to cover for the bills because the man even stole my phone so I do not have any contacts to call to bail me out,” she says.

Owner of the club insisted that she pays for the bills.

Atieno claims that she was pushed to sex work job by the coronavirus pandemic after she was kicked out of her house.