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Clues That Dennis Itumbi And Jacque Maribe Could Be Dating


jacque-maribe-dennis-itumbiIf there is a celebrity who has managed to remain mysterious in her ways, it must be the sultry voiced Jackie Maribe of Citizen News. The tabloids and gossip mills have had her at range for the longest time but she has managed to keep it tight and mysterious.

One of the events that keeps throwing her into the limelight is her birthday which is always marked by speculation from all the attention she gets from Dennis Itumbi. Dennis is very vocal and controversial in nature and has never shyed from stating facts, however on matters Maribe he too has remained slippery.

The two have always insisted that they are just very good friends but if their lovey dovey  relations are anything to go by, we highly suspect Bae would be the most appropriate cover for their friendship version.

Last year, Itumbi surprised her onset as she wrapped her bulletin with a birthday cake, a gesture that left her all murshy. This year however, as bae is not around, he wished the beautiful mother of one a happy birthday through his social media and the sweet message has raised eyebrows higher.

Can they come clean already and save us all this speculating energy. They sure do make a good couple

Mukami Kanyi