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Collection of Maternity Wear for 12-Year-Olds is the Fashion Line the World Shouldn’t Need

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Photo Courtesy Plan

Plan International Finland has launched a campaign aimed at highlighting the problem of child pregnancy in developing countries.

In partnership with designer Paola Suhonen, Plan International Finland has created a clothing collection dubbed Maternity Wear for 12-Year-Olds.

In their campaign Plan says that this is indeed the Fashion Line the World Should not Need.

Designing a maternity wear collection for young children is unnatural and disturbing, which is exactly the point we want to make,” said campaign creator Hasan & Partners’ senior creative Anu Niemonen, in a press release.

Photo courtesy Plan

The charitable organization has used a 12 year old Zambian girl named Fridah in conducting the awareness campaign.

“The clothing line was only created for Plan International Finland’s campaign, and the only copies of the clothes are going to be on display on a shop window in the center of Helsinki (Esplanadi 33). Our goal is to tell people about a problem that is affecting girls all around the world. Instead of actually producing maternity clothes for children, we try to prevent child motherhood and support girls, who have become mothers. In order to do this we need donations

Photo courtesy Plan

and help. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the problem so that people could join us in taking action for girls’ rights,” Plan said in its website.

Every year, seven million children under 18 in developing countries become mothers. Two million of these girls are under 15 years old.

Plan says Fridah and other girls featured in the campaign are taking part in the project voluntarily and with the approval of their families.

“We are going to stay in touch with Fridah and her child to see how they are doing even after the campaign ends and we will work to ensure that Fridah continues her education and pursues her dreams of becoming a nurse,” says

Photo courtesy Plan


Plan International works on legislative changes, such as promoting national laws that give everyone access to free or affordable contraception.

Plan works with local governments to enforce laws that ban child marriage and fights for girls’ rights to education and information on sexual and reproductive health.

story courtesy Plan Website


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