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Colombian Footballer Quintero survives assassination attempt from own fan


A professional footballer Juan Sebstian Quintero has told how he survived an assassination attempt, claiming one of his team’s own fans shot at him at point blank range.

The Colombian , who plays for Deportivo Cali, said a man approached his car, pointed a gun at him and said: “I killed you, son of a b*tch”.

He said he was driving home when the incident happened in the town of Jamundi in the Valle del Cauca department.

Quintero, 23, told reporters: “I was getting to my flat when I felt someone knocking on my window and the person with the gun was there ready to shoot me.

“It took me two or three seconds to react and I accelerated.

“He just knocked on the window, pointed the gun at me and said, ‘I killed you, son of a b*tch’.

“The only thing I saw was a Deportivo Cali tracksuit. Who did it and what happened are being investigated.

“The shot hit the door and my brother and I got away unharmed, luckily.

“These things cannot happen in football. Making an attempt on someone’s life, people with family, mothers, fathers and for some of my teammates, children.”

A photo shows the bullet hole in Quintero’s Porsche SUV.