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  • Colonel Mustafa has made a musical comeback with a new Ep.
  • He refuted claims of running down the fashion store he was helped to restock.
  • His mother who’s ailing from cancer is responding well to treatment with further test’s underway.

Colonel Mustafa has made a musical comeback with a new Ep comprising 4 songs, Already out is the song, Umenikumbuka which loosely translates to ‘You’ve Remembered Me’.

The song’s title has a similarity with the prodigal son’s story.

After years living in hopelessness and poverty, he was now back home and enjoying his life purpose.

According to the veteran singer, the song delves on his troubled past to when he was finally aided with his life being transformed.

He further disclosed that the whole Ep bears gospel songs, inspirational with one being a special gift to our mother’s for their key roles in the family.

The Ep is dedicated to anyone who might be going through a rough path with victory promised at the end.

“Ngoma inaitwa ‘Umenikumbuka’ so inaelezea vile nimepitia, vile watu walikam through na kunisaidia na God vile alinikumbuka kwa umoja…Tunatoa Ep ya ngoma nne ambazo zitakuwa za kumsifu Mungu na kushkuru mafans na kuongelelea umuhimu wa mama” he asserted partly.

The Mtaa dot com rapper narrated how he broke down during the song’s video shoot.

Looking back at his past worries was indeed unimaginable.

The video is simple well-thought with a good picture quality.

Refutes Claims Of Running Down His Shop

Mustafa further refuted claims of running down the fashion store that he was helped to restock by well-wishers.

This was after some fans raised the point of concern after noticing the doors to the shop closed.

Regarding this, he explained that he closes the shop when need arises.

He’s also yet to get a trusted person to run the shop whenever he has other errands like studio time or tending to his ailing mother.

The singer further affirmed that his mother has been responding well to treatment.

However, there are other tests yet to be conducted to ascertain her general well-being.

The money that was raised towards her medication was also banked with withdrawals being made in bits towards her medication.

Still, there are other people of goodwill sending the family money for support.

Mustafa has also been getting a few shows here and there, he also landed an endorsement role with a betting firm and saves part of what he makes for rainy days.



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