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Colonel Mustafa, Noti Flow back together months after Nasty break up


Just a few months after controversial couple Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow broke up, they have rekindled their old flame.

The two made headlines in December 2019 after calling out each other during interviews following their break up.

In one of her online posts, Noto Flow accused Mustafa of being gay and even alleged that he lives with a man in Utawala.

This was after former Nairobi diaries actor Trap King Chrome also leveled the same accusations against Mustafa.

Mustafa on the other hand accused Noti Flow of being a drama queen, saying that she bit him at one point.

He added that Noti Flow had taken hold of his social media account and deleted everything.

However it seems the two can’t keep off each other and have decided to give their relationship a second shot.

In a recent post, it seems that Mustafa finally got back his account.

He shared a post with Noti Flow seated by the pool and captioned it “Today was a good day”

Ghetto Radio Chit Chat reached out to Mustafa and he confirmed that they are in deed back together.

This is not the first time the two celebrities have broken up and made up in a few months.

Late 2018 they also had a nasty break up online with each side accusing the other of cheating however come January 2019, they made up again.