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Colonel Mustafa speaks out on how relationship with Noti Flow wrecked his brand


Towards the end of 2019 former deux vulture’s member Colonel Mustafa found himself trending after he was hit with allegations of being gay.

Former Nairobi Diaries actor and rapper Bradley Juma popularly known as Trap King Chrome took to social media with allegations that Mustafa is gay and even lives with a man in Utawala area.

Later Mustafa’s ex girlfriend Noti Flow also came out to support the allegations by Trap King.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Mustafa revealed that Noti Flow propelled the allegations because she was bitter about their break up.

“Hers was just out of anger. There was a day I was in the shower when another lady video called me and Noti was the one with my phone. I didn’t even have anything to do with the lady who called. Noti was so angry it got physical, she bit me.” He said

The singer who is set to be making a comeback on Nairobi Diaries season 10  soon also revealed that the issue with Noti Flo affected his brand so much.

“There was a time my phone got spoiled so I logged into my Instagram account using her phone and from then on she started controlling my accounts. When we broke up she even refused to hand my account back and as we speak I still don’t have access to my account.” He said

Speaking about their lovey dovey posts, Mustafa revealed that not once did he post photos of him and Noti Flow on social media.

Sometime in 2019, there was a post shared on his social media platform of the two wearing matching outfits terming Noti Flow as his wife.

“All thos couple goals photos were posted by her. I couldn’t post anything because she was running my account and at one point was even dictating what is shared on my socials.” He added

The singer is currently back in the music industry with a banger dubbed “Maloko”