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Colonel Mustapha responds to Noti Flow’s homosexual claims


On Wednesday former Deux Vultures member Colonel Mustapha found himself tangled in  homo sexuality accusations yet again.

The singer turned actor’s ex-girlfriend Noti Flow took to social media to expose him for lying to her while at the same time siding with controversial rapper Trap King Chrome who first accused Mustapha of being gay.

In a post on her Insta stories, Noti Flow claimed Mustapha has been living with a man in his Utawala house.

“You guys @trapkingcrome was right. Mustafa is gay and he lives with his boyfriend in Utawala! Fake ass Muslim,” she wrote

Colonel Mustapha on his part responded saying that Noti Flow was only trashing his name to promote her latest songs.

“Leo unatoa video mbili so unafikiri kiki itakusaidia” wrote Mustapha

Noti Flow also accused Mustapha of using her for three years insisting that she has never known where he lives.

“This niggah been manipulating me for years in the name of love. All bills on me only to find out he gay 3 years later. I never knew where he lives, he used to hide.” she added

Noti flow videos is currently riding on the wave of her latest videos dubbed ‘No Time’ and ‘Nishike’ which premiered on Youtube on Wednesday.