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‘Come we stay’ marriages reason for rising GBV cases – Expert


“Come we stay’ marriages have been cited as some of the major contributors of rising number of GBV cases in the country.

This is according to GBV victims counsellor Mary Mwami who is also blaming the society for accepting illegal marriages where disrespect thrives among partners.

Mwami argues that in most ‘come we to stay’ marriages spousal engagements are also very low making men not value their wives.

Wambui has also mentioned corruption amongst those handling gender based violence cases as the other contributors of many cases of GBV.

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‘‘You will find a partners in such marriages know nothing about each other they hook up  in social media start life in town and know one knows each other deeply even the neighbours where they stay don not where they are coming from,’’ she stated.

She also faulted the government for playing double standard in dealing with cases on GBV  saying the system mostly concentrates on female gender living boy child at risk of being battered knowingly.

Those also on the blame are female gender who go mum whenever they have been battered with reasons of saving their marriages.

The GBV cases have been on the rise with recent one being in Eldoret where middle age man battered his pregnant wife over 500 shillings.


‘‘The boy child is also at risk and the government plus the society at large has fortten the male gender on fight on GBV making them traumatised in their marriages.’’ Mwambi added.