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Comedian attempts to Kill family before taking his own life

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By Annette Amondi

Vernacular Comedian Joseph Mochere, better known as Okebiro O’Mose, attempted to kill four family members before hanging himself on Saturday, his family has revealed.

The comedian’s life is reported to have been clouded with allegations of a troubled marriage and infidelity.

Mochere, 37, was a lead comedian at Egesa FM, a vernacular radio station affiliated to Royal Media Services.
“He was armed with a knife and had become wild as he threatened to kill anyone in the house,” his wife reported

Mochere allegedly tried to stab his wife and his brother a day before he killed himself but they overpowered him.

After the incident, his wife packed up and left the city for their rural Nyamira home with their two children.

Daniel Ombwori, Mochere’s younger brother, who also lives in Nairobi, said the couple’s marriage had been troubled for the last four years, with the comedian being accused of having extra-marital affairs since his rise to celebrity status.

The comedian is said to have left a suicide not telling his wife to look for a different father for their kids.

“I have been patient enough but you have been stressing me for nothing. Take those children and look for another father who is not immoral and who has never seduced any lady. Goodbye,” read the note


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