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Comedian Calls Out People Connecting Death Of Infants To Baby Showers And Baby Bump Shoots


Comedian Aunty Jemimah has called out to Kenyans mostly women who react negatively to people who share news of losing their children.

The comedian says that it is not right for people to blame someone’s loss of a child to baby showers and baby bump photo shoot.

Aunty Jemimah said that no woman does a baby shower or goes for a baby bump shoot wishing death on their child.

“Every woman’s dream is to carry their baby to term and go home with them after delivery. No woman does a baby shower wishing death on her child. Showing off a baby bump is not wishing death to your child. I for instance went for the baby bump photo shoot since I carried my baby beautifully,” said Aunty Jemimah.

She blamed the women trash talking others for ignoring the medical conditions which comes with pregnancy.

“You have all ignored the medical factors that come with child birth and mostly women are the one who ignore that because of the ignorance and thirst they have for likes and comments and some are even celebrity women. Ati mnasema tukifanya baby shower tunaattract macho mbaya kwani wewe unafikiri ukiomba Mungu hataskia maombi yako na hataskia maombi ya mtu anakutakia mabaya,” she added.

She also requested people to stop victimizing people who have lost their children and instead should support them.

“Stop victimizing us and that we wish death on our children. It hurts, I know there are women who cannot talk about it but I will use my platform to spread this awareness. So stop spreading ignorance and there are things you should not say to a woman who has lost a child,” commented Aunty Jemimah.

People have been commenting online that most women who have been losing their children are those that have done baby showers and baby bump shoots.

Jemimah announced the death of her daughter Makena last month who died at 34 weeks.