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Comedian comes clean on allegations that he beat his girlfriend


Kenyan comedian Seth Gor has for the first time opened up on what transpired following allegations that he was abusive to his girlfriend.

In a post shared on Instagram on Sunday, Gor revealed that his then girlfriend Shiko Phyna attacked him when he finally ended the relationship but broke her nail in the attack.

She then took to social media to pain the comedian as an abusive partner claiming that he had attacked her.

Speaking eight months after the incident, Gor has revealed that his ex who happens to be a cop then reported him to the police.

He said they later cleared their issues and she apologized for painting him in bad light.

He maintains that the incident has left a negative cloud hanging over his head and he would like the whole thing to be cleared up.

“Last year hours before my birthday, my ex-girlfriend violently attacked me because of my insistence in ending that relationship.

It has been a rocky relationship; we had our good days and bad days – and the bad days were physically and mentally exhausting.

As she physically assaulted me, I blocked my face with my hands and one of her blows ended up breaking her fingernail.

This is where the facts started getting murky, she ran to a police station and obtained an OB and a P3 form (She is a cop and called her colleagues on me) then she Immediately launched a campaign and reached out to bloggers to paint me as an abuser.

A few days later, all the facts were laid bare to bloggers and the police and her OB/statement was withdrawn, and she apologized.

The consistent misreporting of this incident has become A dark cloud in my life and I want it to go away.

My sincere appeal to everyone; please report the facts – being a victim of emotional and physical abuse is a tough tag to carry, it’s even worse when your grief is taken away by misreporting,” he wrote

Moments after his post, Phyna came out to rubbish his sentiments terming them as lies.

According to Phyna, the online comedian is trying to play victim rather than own up to his mistakes.

“After 8 months You decide to “clear the air “with lies???”. It’s easier to penalize someone for their reaction to your behavior than it is for you to own that you elicited that response by how you treated them.Im not ashamed of anything I’ve been through ,Its tea to you but a testimony to me,So run and tell that !!!!” she said