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Comedian Desagu speaks of stealing artists’ music for survival


By Steve Osaka

Kenyan Comedian Henry Desagu also referred to as’ The Prince of Mwihoko’ made a damning revelation of his survival tactics before stardom.

Speaking to Churchill on the Journey Series edition Desagu who hails from Nakuru asked for forgiveness from musicians for pirating their music.

“Kwanza hizi ngoma za Tanzania kina ‘Binti Kiziwi na Anita niliziuza sana,naburn CD alafu na download picha ya msanii naweka apo nauza thati bob,forty ama fifty bob kwa matatu huko Nakuru,nilijua ni makosa lakini i had to survive,naomba wasanii msamaha,” he stated.

He would later travel to Nairobi for the first time as he joined Kenyatta University to further his studies.

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It is at this institution that he developed his acting career by being a member of the Kenyatta University Travelling Theater drama club where he also met popular Comedian YY.

Desagu also recounted how he was good at recitals before,a skill that helped him  win a Bible Verse recital competition.

“Nina Bible verses zaidi ya elfu nne kwa kichwa ata comedy ikikataa nafungua kanisa,” he said jokingly.

The Comedian who had a stint as a script writer in one of the media houses while in Campus draws his inspiration from life’s daily occurrences.

The soft spoken comedian has majored on short comical skits which depicts  the hard life of the slum dwellers.

His You Tube channel already nears half a million subscribers.