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Comedian Eddie Butita Tells Diana And Obinna To Stop Fighting Over His Ideas


Comedian Eddie Butita has called out musician Diana Bahati and comedian Oga Obinna for fighting over his ideas.

The comedian says it is not okay for the two to fight over the two shows he allegedly helped to make.

Butita also accused them of changing the structure of the shows making them lose their original ideas.

Unajua Obina na Diana wananibamba juu wanafightia idea zangu wote. Kulacooler show was created last year and we did a few episodes then we went silent and we came back. When I saw that Obinna and Diana started a war online I was like guys this is where you go wrong, you forget that Butita alikuwa instrumental kwa hizi show zote, mkaanza kuzifanya na style zenyu mpaka mkazipotelea structure now you think they are ordinary shows that look alike,” Bututa said.

The comedian went ahead and explained the difference between the two shows and how they were actually supposed to be.


“Cook and reveal was a show where cooking was not the main issue.  When I planned the show I needed the style of marketing we were going to do and not the normal one. Kulacooler show in short is a show about eating and actually you have to earn the food. It was also meant for testing how fast one would think and respond to questions,” Butita added.

He went further and advised the two to follow the initial format of the ideas to get to their final destinations.

“Do not lose the initial format of the show because the person who created the initial format of the show knew the destination. So you are now driving a bus that does not have the direction like for instance cook and reveal right now has no future because the owner of the show is not there. Cook and reveal ilikuwa iishe kama mtu anataste food si vile iko sahi,” says Butita.