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Comedian Eric Omondi’s women get into cat fight, police intervene


Drama ensued at the Club Blend along Mombasa Road after comedian Eric Omondi’s women engaged in a cat fight.

The women who are contestants in Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Show had arrived at the club to celebrate the comedian’s birthday.

The skimpily dressed women with very heavy make up then started fighting, howling each other and pulling out their fake hairs.

Eric Omondi who was caught in the middle of the melee was then howled by his body guards to safety.

It is not clear what caused the drama, but police had to intervene to calm the situation.

A visibly shaken Eric Omondi is also heard urging the women to calm down to no success.

Police forced to intervene and separate Eric Omondi’s wife material contestants who were fighting in club Blend over Eric.