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In Summary

  • Mary is a disabled single mother of six living in Mathare.
  • She was harassed by County Officers who destroyed and scattered her stock on the ground.
  • Erick Omondi assisted her get nine hundred thousand Kenyan shillings through Instagram live .


President of Comedy Erick Omondi yesterday helped Mama Mary raise Ksh. 900,000 through Instagram after she was harassed by Kanjos last week.

Through his account,Erick posted a video where he shared the condition of Mama Mary’s house together with her six children in Mathare.

”Hello guys i am here in Mathare at Mama Mary’s house with her six children and we are going live at 8.00 Pm to change her life totally.Anzeni kutuma  pesa.”He said.

Mary is a disabled single mother of six with one adopted children living in Mathare.

She has been hawking for 20 years  in Nairobi CBD.

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She was recently harassed  by Nairobi County askaris until Erick came to help her after they destroyed her goods.

Erick Omondi is a comedian known for his kindness and standing out for the rights of people.

Mama Mary was so grateful and she appreciated Erick for coming through for her.

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Recent Activities

Following the same incident of kanjos  destroying and harassing people within CBD,he also help a young lady known as Quinter.

Quinter was disgraced by the City Council who kicked and threw her stock of eggs and smokies to the ground.

Due to this situation ,she felt so hopeless but Erick came to her rescue by appealing to his followers in instagram to help her out.

Through Instagram live ,Erick managed to collect one million for Quinter to boost her business and better her life.

He showed his gratitude to those who came through to help Mama Mary.


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