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Comedian From Githurai Shocks Judges At The X-Factor ‘Talent Auditions In London’


You all might agree that Kenya is arguably running short of comedians. Come to think of it, the likes of Chipukeezy, Sleepy David, Mc Jessy,Owago Nyiro  and comedy’s own godfather Churchill have significantly lost their showbiz relevance after their comical antics lost the touch they once possessed.

It will be safe to state that only Eric Omondi and MCA Tricky can be a kill show.

As a matter of facts, Eric and stand up comedy got divorced since the time he left Churchill show. He later ventured into Untamed series of stand up comedies before settling for funny parody clips. All said, he is still doing good. Not bad at all.

However, with the dying and dark local comedy industry is a light at the end of the tunnel….one Henry Desagu all the way from Githurai.

Desagu is an upcoming comedian trying to create a name for himself in the already flooded industry full of attention seekers and not comedians.

Desagu has done a number of comical videos before but it is this one he went viral. Desagu successfully edited a video originally archived from United Kingdom’s X-Factor Talent Audition with his own music audition.

Henry, is seen showcasing his singing talent by going  for ‘Rockabye’ by Clean Bandit and Sean Paul.

Trust me you, Desagu nailed it like there is no tomorrow. In the beginning the judges seem shocked and disappointed with his first impression but situation completely changed when he does the chorus.and completely nailed it receiving applause and praise from the famously  no-nonsense judge Piers Morgan.

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