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Comedian Jalang’o Clears Rent Arrears For Needy Boy


Comedian Jalang’o has yet again come to the rescue of another needy Kenyan after paying house rent for a 21 year old boy.

The boy had taken to the streets with a board asking for Jalang’os help to clear his Ksh. 18,000 house rent arrears.

While he was handing over the motorcycles to the ‘nitakufijya’ duo, the boy approached him again and asked for his help.

Before paying the boy’s rent, Jalang’o asked him what he will be doing after his house rent is cleared for him.

“You don’t have to do this or cry, let’s say we pay your house rent now that is Ksh. 18,000 today how will you pay the next?” asked the presenter.

The boy however said that he wanted his house arrears cleared so that he can move on into a cheaper house and one that he can afford.

“First of all i will just shift to a house that i can afford because the caretaker hasn’t allowed me to shift because anaona nikihama na deni sitalipa,” said the boy.


After settling the boy’s house rent arrears, Jalang’o took a swipe at a number of Kenyan youth not ready to work hard and earn a living.

 “This is the problem, i think people put themselves in situations they can’t. You have to look for ways to push yourself. You don’t have to peg your life on someone else. Don’t look for easy ways to do things,” added Jalang’o.

Jalang’o advised the young people to stop looking for sympathy from people and try and find solutions to their own problems.

The boy said that he did not ask for help from Jalang’o so as to chase clout but he genuinely wanted to be helped.


By Emmaline Owuor.