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Comedian Njugush Asks Andrew Kibe To Fix Himself

Comedian Njugush has advised Andrew Kibe to stop attacking people on social media and focus on fixing himself.

According to Njugush, Kibe should stop judging other people since he also makes a lot of mistake.

 “Ukiona baba yako ama baba anapigana na watoto, juu yule jamaa ni mzee. For me when I look at him napata mtu amepotea. For him nothing works for him and if he is telling people because for him anasema anataka kuweka watu straight, yeye kwanza ako straight? You know yeye ni mtu mkubwa lakini anajijenga na watoto wenye wamemake it hapa kwa online media na wakona platform kubwa YouTube,” Njugush said.

The comedian also bragged for having achieved a lot of things in life than what Andrew Kibe has achieved.

Mtu alijaribu radio imekataa, so for that guy one miaka imekimbia sana and I will say without fear of doubt, I might have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I will never make and I pray to God that I will never made the mistake that he made. He has a lot of mistakes to correct other people’s mistakes. Mahali niko I am sure I have achieved a lot more than Kibe will ever achieve na siongei vibaya,” he added.

He also said that Andrew Kibe has a habit of fighting young people who are trying to make ends meet for themselves.

“There are people who are always be there kukutoa kwa focus yako. Mimi kama singekuwa na Cele singekuwa this far. So mtu asikuambie kitu and never be afraid to love the people you are supposed to love at that given point. This is the only time we have kesho is never promised. Digital as made a lot of platform and it is us not to use it wrongly,”says Njugush.