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Comedian Njugush finally reveals his son’s face (PHOTO)

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Comedian Njugush left his fans in stitches after he unveiled his sons face for the very first time and as always he used a witty caption for the image.

Njugush is however yet to share his son’s name.

The comedian hilariously negotiated with his son to try and take after him even just a little. He admits that his son resembles the mother but says its not too late.

“Hi boy boy…..i hope i’m not too late, kwanza wacha nikupe mushene….there is this lady , i hear the call her mama wa kavitz….i promise you are the 1st born..can cheat can lie, vitz sio mtoto wake…now sina time kabla you decide to KO (by the way hapa itabidi tuskizane, sitakua nikiwacha mwanaume kwa kitanda,tutoke tupigwe na baridi sote nkt) now now i see you already talked with your mother about who you gonna take after okay ata siskii vibaya ati youve taken after her good looks..(tears) yaani huwezi pata mahali unifix ata kama ni hii mapua yangu……i know its not late.” he wrote
Fans were amused by his caption but kept on encouraging him that his son will look like him when he is grown.


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