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Comedian Njugush makes music debut with funny song


By Annette Amondi

Comedian Timothy Kimani known anonymously as Njugush has launched his music career.

The witty comedian has featured in Fena Gitu’s latest song dubbed “ sijaskia vibaya.”

The phrase ‘sijaskia vibaya’ is largely associated with the funny comedian who has found a way to incorporate it in his short funny clips featuring his wife Celestine Ndinda.

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In the song, rapper Fena Gitu sings most of the song as Njugush comes in to throw a few funny moments.

Fena also take a jab at the self-proclaimed hip hop Don, Khaligraph Jones for denying her a collabo.

“Nimeshinda nikiomba Khali collabo miaka mingi yeye ananiambia bado, Hata Sijaskia vibaya. Akanishow rudi studio, pata ka doo before you call dons to be in your video. Sijaskia vibaya. Nikamshow you just give me one year, I will be rocking shows from the front to the rear, you gonna wish you gave me that chance, utalia utaniomba lift in my private lia. Enyewe nilikuwa nimeskia vibaya. Siku hizi mi ndo nanyimana collabo nimepanda bei, wacha waskie vibaya,” Sings Fena Gitu

Njugush plays a bigger role in the official Sijaskia Vibaya video by giving it life in the best way possible.