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Comedian Oga Obinna roasted online for taking his jokes too far



Comedian Oga Obinna has received heavy backlash on social media for what his online fans said was taking things too far.

The comedian cum mc had fired salvos at online comedian Sammy Brayo who features his grandma in his videos.

“So if shosh dies (godforbid) brayo sammy has no content. Lol.” he wrote

His online fans were angered by the joke and attacked him saying it was wrong of him to think on those grounds.

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The duo of Brayo and Shosh has amassed thousands of followers in a short period of time since joining the comedy industry. Their fans who were also angered by the post lashed out at the veteran comedian.

“Oga obinna you’re a big brand but you stupid !! This is mean for you! Shosh ain’t dying anytime soon ! And if so god got big plans for me !! Your thinking is just beyond comedy !! Ain’t funny! !!! And watch out maybe god might turn the game round and you be the one losing @ogaobinna we’re watching!!” said one use

Others even said he was jealous of the young man for doing things differently.

“Jealousy is the last stage before you become a witch” Wrote Stella Kago

Caroline Chege wrote “Remember, if your accent dies you have no content, do you even have content??”